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Vikings message board shuts down, disgusted by both team and fans

NFL | Jay Busbee Shutdown Corner

And by that standard, the are in trouble. And oh, are there plenty of people to be disgusted at. Sure, there's Peterson himself, indicted on charges of child abuse. Have a tip?

Dallas Mavericks: Stop With The Rajon Rondo Rumors

NBA | Danny Webster NBA Draft Blog

Free agency is done. Arent we supposed to stop with the Dallas Mavericks interested in Enter-Player-Here rumors? Welp. I mean, really. Can we? This is getting insane. But please.

PPP's Top 25 Under 25 - #4 William Nylander

NHL | clrkaitken Pension Plan Puppets

That promise at such a young age catapults Nylander into 4th place in his debut on our Top 25. What's next for William Nylander is really anybody's guess.

Some Important Context on the Kevin Olsen Situation

NCAA Football | Harry Kroll Canes Warning

I have no personal connection to him at all aside from currently attending the same university. I have no personal stake in whether he succeeds or not. Now, the fake IDs.